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Have an allergy, cut, hotspot or injury on the forelegs that has trouble healing due to licking or biting?


Then our Patented H-Leggings are just the solution your pet may need. H-Leggings are dog leggings specifically designed to work as a barrier that flexes where needed while maintaining a snug fit on your pet’s legs.



H4Legs® H-Leggings are designed to maintain your dogs its quality of life by relieving irritation of the forelegs.


H-Leggings are flexible so you pet maintains its daily activity, washable so they can be worn everyday and affordable. Why spend hundreds of dollars on custom made leggings when our patent H-Leggings can address the problem quickly, easily and affordably.


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Are you still carrying around a full roll of waste bags?


With our Patented H-Clip start carrying what you need, one bag, and securely seal it for reuse throughout your walk, jog or hike – You can even use the same bag for multiple dogs. The bag is temporarily sealed until needed again.



Our H4Legs®  H-Clip works with almost any plastic bag!


If you still purchase traditional plastic bags just to throw them away stop today. All those bags under your sink just put money back in your pocket. You do not need to buy dog ‘poop’ specific bags.


Stop throwing away your money today and take our

1 Million bag challenge here

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