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We hope each and everyone of you are safe, healthy and doing well during these uncertain times. As you know we are, and always will be a 100% Made in the USA company but COVID-19 has impacted our manufacturing. We are planning new inventory for January 2021 and look forward to continuing to serve the amazing pet community.

H4Legs Brand Pet Products Improving your pet’s quality of life one product at a time. ® TM
 Have an allergy, cut, hotspot or injury on the forelegs that has trouble healing due to licking or biting? H4Legs dog leggings  STOP LICKING AND BITING
H4Legs poop bag holder  Still carrying around a full roll of waste bags? Start carrying what you need, one bag, and securely reseal it.  STOP CARRYING ALL THOSE BAGS
H4Legs poop bag holder  The H-Bed is a premium orthopedic dog or cat bed combined with a uniquely clean design that is ready to fit into any home.  TRUE ORTHOPEDIC COMFORT
A A light weight leash compatible with nearly any collar or harness with the unique feature of being clip-less.  CHANGE YOUR WALK - CLIPLESS

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