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Harley - Chief Dog Officer Daisy - Model Macky - Chief Financial Turtle
David Krysak - President & Harley Want to see more photos of Team H4Legs? Visit our Pinterest page Who we are H4Legs® specializes in pet products and accessories designed to improve your pets quality of life. Our focus is on the design and development of uniquely practical consumer pet products that are easy to use for both the owner and pet alike. Our products are specifically designed to fit into your pet’s daily activity and improve their quality of life by removing gimmicks and addressing everyday issues with simple, functional and affordable solutions. H4Legs® brand products are developed by decomposing convention and vetting concepts to create products that specifically address everyday issues pet owners encounter.
Our Story
His name is Harley – Born in Chicago, Illinois and our primary source of inspiration. Harley is a mixed breed brown and white German Shorthaired Pointer and the chief development officer at H4Legs. Harley has challenged us to consider where our products are made, how much waste they can produce and the antiquated solution many products provide to dog owners. Harley is an avid outdoorsman and loves Frisbee, Hiking and Canoeing – If you see him around Detroit make sure to say hello! You can not miss his tail. Get outdoors and enjoy life - Team H4Legs
Our Products
At H4Legs product sourcing and quality are important to us and we have made it a priority to source, manufacturer and assemble all of our products here in The United States of America. We decided to go one step further and shipped exclusively with The United States Postal Service for all retail orders. Dogs and US Postal Workers are a great combination - Just ask our satisfied customers.

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