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Frequently Asked Questions
H-Leggings Ordering Issues
  • Can the H-Leggings be worn outdoors?

    Of course, we suggest you closely monitor your pet to ensure the H-Leggings do not become tangled or ripped. Why not buy two sets? - One for indoors and one for outdoors.

  • How do I clean my H-Leggings?

    H-leggings should be machine or hand washed in warm water, with a mild detergent and on a regular basis. For machine washing it is recommended the H-Leggings be placed securely in a delicate items bag to reduce the chance they will become tangled. Tumble dry on low heat.


    H-Leggings will stretch over time and washing as recommended should return the garment to its original size.

  • My H-Leggings seem to have stretched, what can I do?

    H-Leggings will stretch over time and with regular washing should return to their original size. We like to call this the ‘favorite shirt syndrome’ – once our customers see how well H-Leggings work, they never take them off. If this is your case, may we suggest a second pair?

  • What colors are H-Leggings available in?

    H-Leggings are available exclusively in Navy Blue with our trademark orange stitching.

  • Are H-Leggings available in other sizes?

    H-Leggings are currently avaliable in Small, Medium and Large

  • What size of H-Leggings is right for my dog?

    Checkout our Sizing Page for suggestions and recommendations or just give us a call and we will be happy to answer your questions.

  • Are H-Leggings adjustable?

    H-Leggings utilize a specialized custom made fabric designed to stretch and conform to your dogs legs. H-Leggings are sized as noted to accommodate a variety of height and weight combinations - and just like with people clothing will seldom fit exactly. Our customers have used no-stitch hem tape and even knots to adjust the length if needed. Remember H-leggings are a short-term aid to help Fido heal.

  • Will H-Leggings keep my dog warm during the winter?

    H-Leggings are not intended to supplement any garment your pet may require and as such are not specifically designed for warmth.

  • Why do you not accept returns of the H-Leggings?

    Outside of a manufacturing defect, we do not accept returns of H-Leggings for hygienic reasons. Please review our return policy for details.

  • Can H-Leggings be used directly over open wounds?

    H-Leggings are not intended to be used as a medical product nor are H-Leggings a substitute for proper wound dressings. H-Leggings can be used as a covering over proper, veterinary approved, wound dressings and casts.

  • The Knots on my H-Leash seem loose?

    You got it! Each leash is hand assembled and our knots are real, no fake stitched knots. That mean over time the knots will tighten-up, so you have nothing to worry about.

  • Is the H-Leash reflective?

    Each leash contains two sections of reflective cord. The accessory loop located my the handle and the release cord located by the collar attachment are both reflective. The body of the leash is not reflective - just really good looking!

  • Do you make a longer version for runners?

    Anything is possible - you asked for H-Leggings in a small size and we delivered. Tell us what  you like and whats bothering you and Team H4Legs will solve the problem.

  • My dog is a heavyweight will the H-Leash work?

    While the H-Leash is made from professional grade climbing rope it is up to you to maintain control of your dog at all times. This includes jerking, pulling and lunging. The H-Leash is designed to make your walking experience more enjoyable and not manage your dogs behavior - sorry thats up to you.

  • What Countries do you ship to outside of the USA?

    The countries currently available for shipping are available on out Shipping page. If you do not see you location just send us an email and we will get you a quote.

  • I cannot process my order, What is the problem?

    If you do not have a PayPal account BUT have used PayPal at one point in the past then the email address you previously used may be stored with PayPal. We suggest using an alternate emails address or simple use, send us an email with your name and we will send you a receipt. Ordering is the easy part - finding time for FIdo is always the toughest part of the day.

  • Do I need a PayPal account to purchase from

    Nope, but if you have one you are free to use it. We utilize PayPal for fast and secure transactions and accept all major credit cards without a PayPal account.

  • I am having trouble checking out?

    If you have a PayPal account and have previously registered your email address you will need to complete your purchase with your PayPal account OR you can proceed with anonymous credit card checkout using an alternate email address.

Questions We are here to answers any questions you may have about our products. Always consult with your veterinarian or a board-certified veterinary behaviorist before giving your dog any type of treatment.

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