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H-Leggings H-Bed H-Clip H-Leash
Our H-Bed is constructed from two types of foam to create a full three inches (two inches for small sizes) of active support and not a single solid piece of “foam”. The first layer is high-resilience foam designed to quickly spring back and aid the animal is returning to an upright position, while the second layer is a visco-elastic (memory foam) designed to contour and conform to your dog as it rests. The first layer of foam also constructs the rounded edges of the bed providing support and security. Durable Twill Cotton/Polyester blended top cover Rugged 500-Denier Nylon Base Dual Density and Dual Foam Construction Breathable Coverings Made in the USA Zipper & Hardware Free Not convoluted (cone shaped) foam Not imported
The twill cover is designed to allow our beds to breath and improves the overall comfort level of the bed; they are not water proof. As an added benefit our beds contain no zippers or mechanical closures to break or bite, instead our beds seal closed with an overlapping fabric flap at the bottom of the bed; similar to a pillow. The cover will soften over time as there is a break-in period – very similar to your favorite pair of jeans. The bed cover is easily removed, and machine-washable for convenient care. Please specify color. Top Cover Colors: Navy Blue and Rally Red (all covers feature black bottoms)
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Education Center  Our H-beds are made here in the USA. Do you know where the materials in your current dog bed are from? Did you know what many dog beds marketed as orthopedic are simply convoluted (cone shaped / dome-textured) foam or light-density polyurethane foam. Apply pressure to your existing dog bed and see if you can touched the surface below the bed – if you can then you can imagine the impact your dog feels on its joints each time it gets up or sits down. Our beds are designed with dual density technology improving comfort and support for all your dogs’ joints – imagine if you hit the floor each time you got into bed. Sizing and Construction
Layer 1 - High-resilience Foam Layer 2 - Memory Foam
H-Bed Construction Layer 1 is high-resilience foam designed to quickly spring back and aid the animal is returning to an upright position Layer 2 is a true visco-elastic (memory foam) the same quality and type found in your bed and is designed to contour and conform to your dog as it rests. For additional support and security we also constructs the rounded edges of the bed our of our Layer 1 foam. preventing the squish typically founds in our competitors products
 Our H-Beds are currently offered in three sizes and two colors.
 Large 3”H x 30”W x 40”L Medium 3”H x 22.5”W x 30”L Small 2”H x 15”W x 20”L
Care and Handling
Step 1 - For removing foam insert
Step 2 - For removing foam insert
Step 3 - For removing foam insert
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3  Wondering how to can keep your pet bed clean while maintaining the cover as long as possible. Here are a few suggestions. Cover Maintenance: • Use a damp towel for regular cleaning of the cover. • Wash the cover only when needed & use regular washing detergent. • Always use cold or lukewarm water. • Turn cover inside out to protect the finish. • Tumble dry on low heat or line dry. Foam Insert Maintenance: • The foam insert is not washable. If it becomes dirty or wet we suggest hand washing with a damp cloth and allow the foam to air dry with the cover removed. • Never place the foam insert in a washing machine or dryer. Foam Insert Removal: • Turn the bed over so the black base faces up (Step 1 Photo) • Gently open the slit on the bottom and pull back the loose flap (Step 2 Photo) • Next, reach into the cover and pinch the foam sides together to create a U shape (Step 3 Photo) • With the foam now loose in the cover gently pull the foam until it is outside the cover, repeat this process with the other half • Ensure you are not pulling the foam away from the cover as this may led to damage or tearing of the foam insert
Warning  Your dog may not sleep on your bed again – if you easily get lonely we suggest placing a pillow near the dog bed for your comfort. Our beds are not recommended for human use.

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