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H-Leggings H-Bed H-Clip H-Leash
Orange H-Leash
The H-Leash is the result of our design philosophy, to improve everyday life for our pets. Light weight, supple and free of metal clips. Your leash just got unclipped. Our patented H-Leash is 5 feet in length, light weight and compatible with nearly any collar or harness. Made from strong 7mm climbing rope for added abrasion resistance the H-Leash is lighted then many of our bulky competitors. Each H-Leash includes a quick-halt knot just short of the midpoint of the leash for a secure hold when shortening the leash. Light Weight Supple Reflective Loops Overbuilt Metal Clips


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What is an H-Leash  Our patented H-Leash is a light weight leash compatible with nearly any collar or harness with the unique feature of being clip-less. That’s right no heavy metal clip to weigh a dog down and it is not a choke-type lead either. Our unique attachment method provides a leash that does not require a heavy metal clip so the weight of your dog’s collar virtually does not change. Our H4Legs® H-Leash works without metal clips! Made from strong 7mm climbing rope for added abrasion resistance the H-Leash is lighter then many of our bulky competitors and comes In three great colors to suite any dogs style. Instructions For Use
Step 1
Take the loop end of the leash (with the black knot) and slide it through the collar or harness attachment point as shown.
Step 2
Next take the handle and slide it through the loop as illustrated, lightly pull the handle all the way through and the leash will tighten as shown. That’s it.
Step 3
To remove the leash simply pull on the black knot and reverse set 2 and 1. Now Fido is leash fee!
Key Features
Tie-Point Detail
No more metal clips. With a unique design our H-Leash attaches to a variety of collars and includes a small reflective draw cord for quick and easy removal.
Orange H-Leash
Each H-Leash includes a light weight and reflective utility loop to attach accessories like an H-Clip or Keys!
Save money with a great combination. Our H-Leash combo pack contains one H-Leash in your color choice and one H-Clip
Combo Kit
Available Colors
Color Options
Blue Orange Red
Care and Handling  Wash your H-Leash in warm water with mild hand-soap and it should last a lifetime. Even in the winter your H-Clip will remain flexible and functional.

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