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Large size will accommodate breeds such as: • Blue Heelers, • Boxers, • Labrador Retrievers, • Golden Retrievers, • Weimaraners and similarly sized breeds. Medium size will accommodate breeds such as: • English Fox Hounds, • Border Collies, • German Shorthaired Pointers, • Vizslas and similarly sized breeds. Small size will accommodate breeds such as: • American Cocker Spaniel • Basenji • Boston Terrier • Brittany • Pug (larger)
Large: 21” – 25” (approx. 55 – 80 lbs.) Medium: 18” – 21” (approx. 35 – 55 lbs.) Small: 14” – 18” (approx. 15 – 35 lbs.)
We all come in different sizes and shapes Our sizing guide suggests you select the appropriate H-Leggings based on the height of your dog. We include average weights as an additional resource when making your decision. If you are unsure about a particular size, we recommend going with the height measurement, if you know your dog is extra broad across the shoulders then moving to the next size may be an option.

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