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H-Leggings H-Bed H-Clip H-Leash
Made from a specialized, custom made fabric our Patented H4Legs Leggings are specifically design to flex where needed while maintaining a snug fit on your pets legs. H-Leggings come as two interconnected leggings as we found this helps break the animal’s fixation on the affected leg. H-Leggings work by maintaining your pet’s quality of life by providing a quick and unobtrusive barrier which can be worn with supervision all day or night and allows your pet to get on with its day. Discourage licking and biting Cover wound dressing Cover casts No more cones or collars No more anti-lick strips


Colors: Available Exclusively in Navy Blue
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Frequently asked questions
H4Legs brand H-Leggings on a medium sized dog
Shipping and Order Processing Information What are H-Leggings  If your dog has an allergy, cut, hotspot or injury on the forelegs that has trouble healing due to licking or biting Then our Patented H-Leggings are just the solution your pet may need. H-Leggings are dog leggings specifically designed to work as a barrier that flexes where needed while maintaining a snug fit on your pet’s legs. H4Legs® H-Leggings are designed to maintain your dogs its quality of life by relieving irritation of the forelegs. H-Leggings are flexible so you pet maintains its daily activity, washable so they can be worn everyday and affordable. Why spend hundreds of dollars on custom made leggings when our patent H-Leggings can address the problem quickly, easily and affordably. Instructions For Use
H-Leggings step 1
Have your dog sit in front of you. Place one leg at a time into the H-Leggings, remembering the label will face up on the dog’s shoulders.
H-Leggings step 2
Once the H-Leggings are on both forelegs, draw them up to the under-pit of each leg to ensure a comfortable fit.
H-Leggings step 3
Finally, grab the connecting strap and stretch it over the head to rest the strap on the shoulders as illustrated.
Sizing  H-Leggings are currently offered in two sizes. To determine the correct size please refer to the illustration below. With a tape measure, measure vertically in inches from point A in the center of the back to point B just above the heel pad. H-Leggings will stretch to accommodate a variety of sizes.
H-Leggings Size Chart
Large: 21” – 25” (approx. 55 – 80 lbs.) Medium: 18” – 21” (approx. 35 – 55 lbs.) Small: 14” – 18” (approx. 15 – 35 lbs.)
Large size may accommodate breeds such as: • Blue Heelers, • Boxers, • Labrador Retrievers, • Golden Retrievers, • Weimaraners and similarly sized breeds. Medium size may accommodate breeds such as: • English Fox Hounds, • Border Collies, • German Shorthaired Pointers, • Vizslas and similarly sized breeds.
Take the measurement between A & B and select the size based on the suggested ranges. Small size may accommodate breeds such as: • American Cocker Spaniel • Basenji • Boston Terrier • Brittany • Pug (larger)
We all come in different sizes and shapes Our sizing guide suggests you select the appropriate H-Leggings based on the height of your dog. We include average weights as an additional resource when making your decision. If you are unsure about a particular size, we recommend going with the height measurement, if you know your dog is extra broad across the shoulders then moving to the next size may be an option. Care and Handling
H4Legs brand H-Leggings on a large size dog
 H-leggings should be machine or hand washed in warm water, with a mild detergent and on a regular basis. For machine washing it is recommended the H-Leggings be placed securely in a delicate items bag to reduce the chance they will become tangled. Tumble dry on low heat. H-Leggings will stretch over time and washing as recommended should return the garment to its original size.
Warning  Warning: Use of any H4Legs® product should be discussed and coordinated with your veterinary professional prior to use. Our H4Legs® brand Leggings are neither a toy nor a wound dressing. Proper supervision and care of your pet and others must be undertaken while this product is in use. H4Legs® makes no guarantee of success. H4Legs® H-Leggings are a patented product – there are no substitutes, look for the H4Legs® brand logo and let us know if you are unsure what you are purchasing is the real H-Leggings Please read our Return Policy, in general we do not accept returns of our H4Legs Leggings outside of manufacturing defects.

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