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Having incurred a rear leg injury and requiring limited activity Ninja was prescribed bed (crate) rest in-order to properly heal. With boredom Ninja began to lick his front legs and a solution was needed. Our H-Leggings did the trick and Ninja is off to a good recovery and back to his old self. At H4Legs we treat each customer order and support question(s) on an individual basis because you (and your four legged friend) are our top priority. When Denise had trouble with her second order shipped to Australia she contacted our team and we were able to work with her, track her order and ensure proper delivery - Please feel free to contact our team at any time!
'Thank you for your excellent product and it matches your customer service. Attached are photos of my boy showing off your product.' Denise & Ninja – New South Wales, Australia
I wanted to share a few photos of my foster dog Cooper sporting his new H4Legs leggings. Cooper is a foster dog with Boston Buddies, Inc., So Cal Boston Terrier Rescue ( and he came into rescue with several tumors that were removed.
Karen and Cooper (Boston Terrier) – Southern California
One of the tumors was on his front right leg and he has 9 surgical staples there to close the incision. I was looking for a way to keep the area covered without making him wear a cone of shame and came across your product! What a great find!!!! I quickly ordered a couple pairs (one in small and one in medium) and we just got them today. Easy to put on and he tolerated them right away. Many thanks for such a great innovation! Cooper says – Woof!
Brad PITT, our adoptable dog who was brought to us with a sever leg burn. He was not a candidate for a surgical suture, or skin graft. Your product has been the BEST option for him... One of Brad's biggest challenges with his leg wound, has been leaving it alone. He never quite did adjust to the traditional cone, the inflatable cone... the towel cone....or the soft cone... Or really anything that restricted him. The only cone he likes has ice cream on it. So what were we to do? These leggings have a breathable material- so his wound can get air while still being covered, and he can be the goofball he really is at heart. We contacted H4Legs, singing their praises as we do come across SO many animals who have skin and leg injuries, that do not do well with cones. They very much were glad to hear from us, and kindly offered to help dogs like Brad by donating to our Rescue. They also let us know, that these leggings are not just for injuries, but also help dogs that have hotspots or contact allergies. How great is that!?”
NBS Animal Rescue & Brad Pitt (Pit Bull Mix) - Madison Heights, MI
My dad is in the Air Force and when he had to leave the country, I had to stay with his friends. I missed my dad terribly and I was scared in my new environment. As a result, I developed a lick granuloma. When my dad came back, I had to go to the vet a lot. I took a lot of medicines, some of which even landed me in the ER. I had laser therapy treatments 12 weeks in a row. I had special bandages made to fit my arm. I also tried wraps, sprays, and ointments. Nothing worked.
Danielle and Lucy (Mixed Breed) - Belleville, IL
I always found a way to get to my wound and reopen it. For over two years now, I have had to wear a soft, cuddle cone when I am home alone. Even though it was comfortable, it was still annoying and I had no peripheral vision. How was I supposed to keep an eye on and cuddle with my brother?! All of that is over, though, now that I have my H-leggings! I have had them for a month now and I have not even tried to get to my granuloma, not even while I am alone. THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me find comfort and healing!!
My almost two year old American Pit Bull Terrier had bilateral fractured coronoid processes and had to have arthroscopy on both elbows. Jade wore the leggings a few days before her surgery to get used to them. The leggings allowed her freedom to not wear an e-collar through recovery. She is now three weeks post op and doing great! I recommend this product to anyone!
Ashley and Jade (American Pit Bull Terrier) - Hardeeville, SC
We purchased a pair of H Leggings for Daisy a few weeks ago. Daisy developed a Lick Granuloma last April and the Veterinarians kept sending us home with all sorts of medicines to help it, along with trying a Bitter Apple spray, which she likes the taste of. We tried wrapping her legs with all sorts of concoctions to keep her from licking. Nothing seemed to work or help, until we got H-Leggings. Daisy's booboo is now healing thanks to H-Leggings, her fur is starting to grow back and the Lick Granuloma is healing. Thank you H4Legs! Daisy proudly wears the Leggings and they don't interfere in her daily activities or when she is sleeping. Daisy will continue to wear the H-Leggings until her Lick Granuloma is completely healed and we have you to thank for it.
Beverly and Daisy (German Shepard) - Kent, WA
Sophie is a nervous girl and kept chewing the hair on the front of her legs down to the skin. I tried wrapping her legs but she would chew on the tape and the wrap would fall off. One day while watching Good Morning America, I had seen their vet, Dr. Becker talk about the H-Leggings. At the time they did not come in a size small, there was a notation on the website that they would in the near future. I kept an eye out and when I saw her size I ordered them. They are still big but I tied a couple knots in the material over her shoulders and folded up the legs. Now when I see her start to chew I tell her to come put her pants on and she knows what I mean. It's helping to save her legs and calm her down because she relaxes and sleeps instead of chewing away her fur. It's a distraction and takes her mind off doing it. They are expensive but worth every penny.
Sue and Sophie (Maltese) - Berwick, ME
Phineas wearing H-Leggings
Phineas (2 1/2 year old, male, Old English Sheepdog) wearing his H-Leggings. I purchased them to use as "splash guards" because Phineas tends to wet his front legs when urinates. Since his coat on his legs is white, and very fluffy, it was quite a problem keeping him clean. When I received the leggings I used a waterproofing spray for outdoor gear. The very first time Phineas wore the leggings I knew they would do the trick. Any over-spray just rolls off without penetrating the fabric. I'm impressed that the leggings can be rinsed off and there is no odor of urine left behind. The fabric and design make the leggings very easy to put on, and they don't restrict movement or bother Phineas at all. I'm so pleased that I'm about to order a second set so I can always have a set handy, especially when we travel. Thanks for a great product
Valarie, Mike and Phineas Dye (Old English Sheepdog) - Lynchburg, VA
Sassy wearing H-Leggings
They are one of the best products I have found for her. I had spent so much money on leg wraps/bandages and had to buy baby socks to cover them and she would still chew. Now she does not even think about it…Thank you so much. Brenda & Sassy (Mini-Pinscher) - Toledo, Ohio This is my baby girl Sassy. She is a mini-pinscher with an attitude (lol). She would not stop licking her legs/knees so we bought H-leggings and problem is now solved. She loves them and it has helped her heal up very well. She feels special. I’m going to get her another pair. (Photos from left to right) Solution H-Leggings, Relaxing in her H-Leggings, Veterinarian provided Leg Wrap
Spot wearing dog leggings
Here are some pictures of Spot with his history of Lick Granulomas his veterinarian was doubtful he could be helped. Spot was adopted from the pound and lost his owner to cancer. He stayed by her side only leaving her to relieve himself and eat. He just lost his current owner to congestive heart failure early this year. He still waits by the door for his owner to return. He is loyal, obedient, loving, intelligent, unusual and has out lived three owners. His vet said, he is a Rat Terrier Mix around 16 years of age. Solution H4Legs brand H-Leggings - does not cut into leg or rub in resting position, HAPPY DOG!!!! Thank You! Spot. Judith & Spot (Rat Terrier Mix) - Anonymous (Photos from left to right) Solution H-Leggings, His problem area, Veterinarian provided cone and he also tried Veterinarian recommended inflate-able type Collar
Jerry wearing dog leggings
We brought a new dog into our house and Jerry, a two year old Pomeranian, got a bit unsettled and developed a condition called ‘Lick Granuloma’, where he licked the hair and skin off of a spot on each of his front legs. Apparently it’s an anxiety triggered response to stress. The treatment for this condition is to apply an antibiotic ointment to the spots for a couple of weeks while the skin heals. Of course, the objective is to deny the dog access to these small wounds to prevent him from licking the ointment off, or exacerbating the wounds. A cone around his neck was recommended by his Vet. The leggings provided a less stressful and more functional alternative to a cone. The Vet approved these leggings and is now referring clients to the H4Legs website. Jerry’s small wounds have healed and the hair is growing back. In my opinion these leggings were instrumental in the successful treatment of our dog. Thank you Jim & Jerry (Pomeranian) - Portland, Oregon
I have a 13 year old Alaskan Husky/Samoyed mix. He has an inoperable cancerous tumor on his front knee. I have been cleaning the wound and bandaging it twice a day for about 2 weeks now. He seems fine when the bandage is fresh and slightly tight. His problem is that he can't stop licking it and then tearing off the bandage. Once he gets the bandage off and starts licking, things get pretty bad. Since I put the H-Leggings on him, he has left it alone. It may even be starting to heal a little, as much as it can heal being cancer…he is much more comfortable which is a huge relief and I am able to relax a little and get a good night's sleep for a change. Thank you! Anonymous - Alaskan Husky/Samoyed My dog was freaking out by the cone (even a specialty one) after surgery on a front elbow. We switched to the H-Leggings and the change was dramatic! Anonymous - Golden Retriever I'm so glad people haven't stopped trying to reinvent the cone! Janinester - Dogster In response to a viewer post ...just what the doctor ordered to help heal lick granulomas... Julia - Dogster
H-Clip Reviews
....The H-Clip is also easy to move between different leashes. If you have a pouch with Velcro, you have to unfasten it. The H-Clip just comes off one leash and pops right onto another one. That's handy if you're switching from a day leash to a reflective one for night time walks or if you swap between a long and short leash for leisure walks vs. training sessions. The H-Clip definitely worked as advertised, and I really liked its bonus function. Barbara Nefer -
...The H-Clip solves this dilemma by allowing you to re-use the same bag. However, you’re doing much more than avoiding an annoyance –- you’re reducing waste. Ace's Mama - Dogster
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